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Roasted sea bass on his skin, green asparagus, Quinoa seed

Serves 4

1 KG Sea Bass
100 Gr Quinoa seed
800 Gr Green asparagus
1 Yellow lemon
1 Orange
0.2 L Olive oil
¼ bunch of each Parsley, Coriander, chives, chervil


Step 1 Scale, empty and fillet the sea bass. Step 2 Cut pieces of 120g in length, season, and roll each piece in Clingfilm Step 3 Peel asparagus, blanch them in salted water for 4 minutes, and keep the peelings Step 4 Create the asparagus coulis, blanching the scraps in salted water, mix them with lemon and
orange peel blanched 3 times, add 5cl of olive oil, season and emulsify with a blender
Step 5 Cook the Quinoa. Gloss it by adding olive oil, and then wet it with the white basis. Let it
cook for 20min. Season.
Step 6 Wash the fresh herbs and cut them finely. Add the Quinoa and keep a few Coriander leaves
to fry for plates ornament
Step 7 Cook the fish in steam oven (85°c atmosphere, 35°c at heart). When cooked, fry the skin
Step 8 Re-heat the asparagus by frying them with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper Step 9 Put the Herb Quinoa in a plate with 3 asparagus and the fish. Step 10 finish with some asparagus coulis and a little salt on the fish.