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Olive Oil Langoustine

By Chef Arnaud Lallement

  1. Shell the Prawns, refrigerate.
  2. Puree of Black Olives:
    Mix the olives with balsamic vinegar, add the olive oil and water and pass the mixture through a sieve.

Finishing and Presentation:

  1. Cook the prawns a la Plancha (grilled on a metal plate).
  2. Place the puree of olives in the bottom of the plate neatly with a brush.
  3. Finish with lobster and a few drops of olive oil.
  4. Serve with balsamic vinaigrette in a saucer.
  • 4 servings


4 Pieces of Prawns 2/4
40 Grams Pitted Black Olives
20 Grams of Balsamic Vinegar
10 Grams Olive Oil
10 Grams of Water