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Rack of Lamb

By Chef Arnaud Lallement

  1. Celery: Cut celery coarsely sized, add the minced shallots and wet with white stock.
    Cook and blend, finish with cream, eggs yolks, agar-agar, bring to boil and drain.
  2. Olive Gelee: Infuse the olives with water, mix, move. Add the agar plate and then running. Cut into
    small circles (2 cm diameter).
  3. Green (bread) Crumbs: Mix breadcrumbs and parsley and allow to dry.
  4. Celery Juice: Spent centrifuge celery and add lecithin.

Finishing and Presentation:

  1. Fry the lamb fillets. Cut the fillets into quarters and place the largest piece in breadcrumbs.
  2. In a glass, put the bomb celery, a jelly and olive finish with the celery foam.
  • 4 servings


4 Lamb Fillets of 130 grams
150 Grams Pitted Black Olives
200 Grams Water
20 Grams Breadcrumbs
50 Grams Curly Parsley
300 Grams Celery
2 Shallots
25 Grams Cream
1 Gram of Agar-Agar
25 Cl White stock
2 Eggs Yolks