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Discover and appreciate ethnic influence in today’s gastronomy by showcasing some of the finest chefs in the world

A Gastronomic Passport

Cuisine Culture, a new 14-part series from WETA (PBS) Henri Sera Productions and Charles Maman is a culinary journey into the world of the best chefs and their restaurants. Hosted by international chef Ashley Charles James, the series showcases the world’s best chefs in their natural environment, including:
• 3 Michelin star Chefs Marc Haeberlin, Arnaud Lallement, Daniel Boulud and Guy Savoy
• 2 Michelin star Chefs Josiah Citrin and Jean-Denis Rieubland
So take your gourmet passport with you and join Ashley James as he travels around the world for 14 episodes to a new destination featuring a celebrated chef!

Henri Sera is considered the Pioneer in the World of Cooking Shows for the simple reason of being the first to be accepted by the Top Master Chefs in their kitchen where nobody dared to enter their secret sanctuary. The first series started by Sera was Cuisine & Folkore Around the World; a 13 episodes series that aired on MSN (Modern Satellite Network) in 1985. Sera partnered with Charles Maman, from Muses Productions, for a 2nd series of 56 episodes; the Traveling Gourmet, which aired in 63 countries including some major airlines – ex: Food Network USA, TV5 France, Cannal + Spain to name a few.

Season 2 of Cuisine Culture is in pre-production … Stay Tuned !


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