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Lavender Ice-Cream

By Chef Galvin Brothers

  1. Bring the cream & milk to the boil together, remove from the heat and add the lavender. Allow to infuse for 10 mins.Whisk the egg yolks & sugar together until pale in color Pour the boiled cream & milk onto the egg/sugar mix, whisking continuously.Pass through a fine sieve & churn in an ice cream machine


4 very ripe Provence peaches
Icing sugar to caramelize
Lavender honey for serving
675 ml of full fat milk
675 ml of double cream
200 g of sugar
10 free range egg yolks
12 sprigs of fresh lavender
  1. Remove the skin from the peaches by burning the outside with a blow torch then refreshing in iced water. Cut the peaches into 8 wedges & lay on a baking tray Dust with icing sugar & caramelize with a blow torch. After a few seconds you can turn the wedge over & caramelize the other side. This cannot be done more than a few minutes in advance as the sugar will draw the juice from the peach. Dress the peaches in a martini glass neatly, place a scoop of ice cream in the middle, then drizzle with a little lavender honey.