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Poached Landaise Chicken

By Chef Galvin Brothers

  1. Cook all of the vegetables individually. For the chicken we sous-vide the breast along with a small knob of butter and a sprig of rosemary. We then poach the bag for 13 mins at 85 degrees C. Allow to rest for 5 min.

Prep for Rosemary Butter Sauce:

Reduce stock & wine together down to 200ml. Add cream & boil for 1 min. Remove from heat & add rosemary, leave to infuse for 5 mins Boil again, then whisk in butter slowly Season with salt & a little lemon juice. Pass through muslin cloth.

  • 4 servings
  • 1 hr 00


Vegetables (four portions)
8 baby leeks
8 baby carrots
8 button onions
32 broad beans
40 g fresh peas
20 fresh cocoa beans
4 trompette mushrooms
Chervil sprigs
Sel de Guerande
4 Landaise chicken breasts
Rosemary sauce – see recipe

For the sauce:

650 ml chicken stock
200 ml white wine
150 ml double cream
250 g butter cold & diced
1 stick of rosemary
Salt & small squeeze of lemon to season
  1. Carve the breast 4 times at a 45 degree angle, arrange the vegetables around, spoon the sauce over the chicken, place the trompette on top of the chicken breast along with the chervil & a small pinch of salt de Guerande to finish.