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Carpaccio Foie Gras

By Chef Pascal Aussignac

  1. Take a pastry wooden rolling pin and 2 sheets of parchment paper. Cut your figs in two, put them in between 2
    sheets of parchmant and start to crush them until you get a flat, 3mm puree of fig.
  2. Put it in freezer and when hard, cut a circle in it.
  3. Place these disks of hard fig puree on a plate, add some crushed walnuts and top with the foie gras in any shape you

    like. (We chose a rose).

  • 4 servings
  • 0 hr 30


8 black figs
parchment paper
walnut oil
fresh walnut or hazelnut
  1. The fig leaf jelly is made with 7 leaves washed and infused in boiling water for 5 minutes which will give you after straining 1 liter of aromatic juice and you add 8 gelatin leaves to the infusion. Cool to finish.

    Season with sugar or salt and pepper, adjust to your taste.

  • 4 servings
  • 0 hr 30


Fig Leaf Jelly

 The idea is to be able to eat raw foie gras just It like oysters or caviar, in which one respects their natural state.

With raw foie gras, you will need to slice it very thin with a hot knife, a Japanese mandolin or if possible a slicing machine. Just sprinkle a small amount of crazy salt (fleur de sel mixed with Espelette piment) on top and serve with a thin toast. Eventually you can add a drop of xipister or a “brush” of Sauternes wine as well. This will give you the real taste of foie gras.