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Pomme Soufflée

By Chef Jean-Denis Rieubland

  1. Cook isomalt at 190 degrés celsius then add the citric acid, the coloring and the golden powder.

  2. Place isomalt under the sugar lamp then make the apples with a pump.

  3. Store them in a sealed box with silice gel.

  • 1 hr 30


500gr isomal5 gr citric acid
0.5 gr green food coloring
  1. Prepare the gelée de pomme.


500gr apple pulp
100gr apple brunoise
15gr Gelatin
  1. Make a syrup with the water, sugar and the glucose powder, then let it chill. Then mix it with the blender with the apples.


500gr apple with skin
135gr sugar
70gr powder glucose
145gr water
  1. Make the espuma by mixing the apples with water and part of the sugar. When finished, strain.
  2. Boil the cream, the rest of the sugar and the agar, then add the apple puree.


500 gr apple pulp
150 gr liquid cream
150 gr granulated sugar
7 gr agar-agar
  1. Cook the sablé breton 5mm thick à 150 degrees celsius, then cut it with the same tool used to cut the pomme soufflée.
  2. Set the apple soufflé by filling it to half with the espuma, then add the brunoise (diced apple flamed with calvados), and a bit of the sorbet, add apple jelly cubes and close off with sablés.
  3. Serve with fleur de sel caramel sauce.


80gr egg yolk
160gr sugar
180gr softened butter
4gr salt
240gr flour
16 gr baking powder
5gr fleur de sel