About Cuisine Culture: A Gastronomic Passport

Cuisine Culture, a new 14-part series from WETA and Henri Sera Productions, is a culinary journey into the world of the best chefs and their restaurants. Hosted by international chef Ashley Charles James, the series showcases the world’s best chefs in their natural environment – an environment for discovery and an appreciation of ethnic influence in today’s gastronomy. The series showcases some of the finest chefs in the world, including:

• Marc Haeberlin and Guy Savoy (each the recipient of three Michelin stars)
• Josiah Citrin (two Michelin stars)
• Daniel Boulud (named Outstanding Restaurateur-Best Chef of New York City and Outstanding Chef of the Year by the James Beard Foundation).

So take your gourmet passport with you and join Ashley James as he travels around the world for 14 episodes to a new destination featuring a celebrated chef!



Cuisine Culture is a Co-production between the following companies:

Executive Producers
Henri Sera
Dalton Delan
Charles Maman
John Pottahast

Co-Executive Producer
Jessica Moreno

Adrienne Hammel
Corinne Labalme

Chantal Boccacio
Larry Shiver
Alex Tennent

Post Prod Supervisor
Reinhard Schreiner

Series Overview

  • 14 x 30 episodes in HD
  • Begins feeding Saturday, September 3, 2011, 1670-1800/HD03
  • Rights: Unlimited releases over 2 years; 09/03/11-09/01/13
  • NOLA: CULT 101-113
  • Distributor: American Public Television
  • On-Air Promotion: Series promos are available.