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  1. Warren T Pearson, MD

    excellent show WTTW 11/06/2011

  2. Dawn Bellanfante

    I was surfing channels and saw the show for the first time. I am a chef (part time)living in the Caribbean (Jamaica) and is always interested in the different preparation of various dishes.

    I will be looking out for the other episodes.

  3. Larry L. Langston

    your tv show is very interesting

  4. Don Sheldon

    We travel to France quite often. We will have to visit your restaurant . Great program.

  5. I was able to see your cuisine show on lamb tenderloin with parsley bread crumbs. It was wonderful, can’t wait to see your show again and get some good recipes. Thanks!

  6. Bernard C. Theil

    I would like very much the recipes of the braised lamb as well as the decadent dessert,please.
    Thank you so much

  7. Lance Glass

    Love the show !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Deann Pujol

    This was a great episode, I’ve really enjoyed the series.

    I would love to see the Rasperry Vacherin recipe online.

    Thank you and regards,

    Deann Pujol

    • admin

      Thank you Deann for watching the show and yes we will post soon the Raspery Vacherin soon on our website ! you could if you wish purchase the episode through our website