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  1. I would like to see the recipe on the site of the chocolate molten cake that was on the the Daniel Boulud episode.

    Thank you.

  2. annie

    would appreciate recipe for molten lava cake. thank you.

  3. Isak Wainer

    These episodes are like taking a master
    degree in cooking totally free.
    Will make the envy of friends & family


    I saw CUISINE CULTURE for the first time today and thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to make the Peeky Toe salad and a few of the other dishes. Also check out more recipes on your website. This is really a cool show!!!!


  5. Thanks for finally talking about > Daniel Boulud – Cuisine Culture < Loved it!

  6. Lorraine

    Love the episode. Will eat at your restaurant soon.

  7. Polly Bristol

    I saw this episode and I wanted to jump through the T.V. screen and taste everything. Who wouldn’t?

  8. Nathan

    5 chefs to make this dish??….love it!!
    Daniels is my hero.
    Love seeing inside the kitchen…only Pierre Frienie(sp?)opn TV,, did that b4…loved that too…
    Thanks Chefs !

  9. morty

    finally a cooking show with original recipes by some of the best chefs in the world…. great job….we want more

  10. Maria Manion

    This is the best show on faire cuire and I am learning so much about the mysterious world of food

  11. Nadia Shams

    Wonderful recipes and wonderful dishes! Like peeking through Chef Boulud’s kitchen.


  12. martha gehringer

    Fantastic! Finally a “food” show worth watching!

  13. Meri Sue Glasgall

    I’d love to see the seared rib eye and molten chocolate cake.

  14. Malcolm Padmore

    I have searched the internet to all ends trying to find a video of this episode. When will it be on again in the New York City area. Please post a video for the duo of beef.

    • admin

      Hello Malcolm thank you for watching the show! for your question about when it will air again in New York please check CREATE TV also if you wish you can purchase the Daniel Boulud and Marc Haeberlin episode through our website Cuisine Culture.tv otherwise we will post the video recipe in the near future. THANK YOU AGAIN