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  1. Patricia Windisch

    Absolutely love this show!!!
    I’m a professional chef and it’s so refreshing to see
    this level of artistry.
    Love it!

  2. Colleen Doherty

    These are grand recipes. Enjoy your website

  3. Caroline Jacobs

    These recipes are exciting!

  4. ritamckenzie

    fabulous episode. Will run to his restaurant!

  5. Roger Vaca

    Great Show!
    Love the recipes!
    Continue with success!

  6. I learn so much from your shows.
    Thank you very much for a cooking show that isn’t just for entertainment.

  7. Charmy LeaVell

    Great show. We live in a small rural community so being able to experience fab chefs and exceptional food like this is not available so is nice to try at home for myself. Enjoy the educational information, instruction and recipes. First Class act! Please keep it going. On yes, I would love to watch the Sweet Onion Soup Recipe.

  8. Charmy LeaVell

    P.S. I would also love to see how the crab cakes were made. Thanks again, Charmy

  9. mia kang

    My new fav food show! Love the concept! Love beautiful foods and plating!

  10. iris

    Would love to see the Liberty Duck executed. This was a fun and engaging episode.

  11. Karen kubinec

    Loved watching them create the Liberty Duck but was disappointed it was unavailable. I would really appreciate it if you would place it on the website. I would definitely make this dish. Thank you.

  12. Joseph Hourston

    Enjoy your cooking show on PBS.

  13. Gayle in Miami

    I don’t see the following two receipes from Saturday’s show: Duck Breast à l’Orange served with a colorful Blood Orange Reduction and Tender Baby Turnips. I want to try these.

    Can you put these up?