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  1. Susan

    I am anxious to try the recipes I viewed you and your guest chef compose on Vermont Public Television on 1/29/12. They are more than wonderful! Thank you!

  2. Susan

    I am anxious to try the recipes I viewed you and your guest chef compose on Vermont Public Television on 1/28/12. They are more than wonderful! Thank you!

  3. Katherine Zinegyi

    Shaul Ben Aderet from Bilboa, Israel
    I would like the recepiees he showed on
    Cuisine culture with Ashley James this past Saturday on PBS Vermont.
    It was the beet and pine nut salad, shakshooka (both
    with the tomatos and also the one with
    the spinach,cream and cheese.
    I would also like the recepie of the stuffed marrow bones with the green salad.

  4. Sonia Bowe-Gutman

    Would like the bone marrow recipe

  5. Marie

    so grand to see the stuffed marrow bones,can hardly wait to see the recipe!!And the beet salad with fig honey has me ordering my beet seeds for the spring! What A WONDERFUL this is !!! Hello Cuisine Culture and thank -you !!!!

  6. Katherine Zinegyi

    Please let me know when Shaul Ben aderet’s recepiees will come aavailable.

  7. Joan

    The recipes of Israel looked fantastic, especially the creamed spinach with eggs. Would you please send me the recipes from the show?

  8. Monica

    Hope you will add each show on to your website… I loved the meals prepared by Chef Shaul. The cream eggs and cheese looked amazing and the stuff marrow bones…OMG! I wanted to take a flight to Israel.

  9. Anita Nelson

    I MUST make both versions of Shakshuka and the Beet Salad! Please let us know when the recipes are posted. Where to find fig honey in Virginia is my next quest. Any substitute suggestions?

  10. Mrs G

    Wonderful ingredients, well done show

    Pls notify me when recipes are available. Thank you

  11. Edward Darro

    Wonderful technique and ingredients. I;m especially interested in using new salad ideas.

  12. I am looking forward to cooking a special dinner using your bone marrow recipe.

  13. Larry

    Would love to make the beet salad. Are recipes forward coming? Please keep me posted. Many Thanks. Great Show and excellent add cooking TV lineup.

  14. Chris Espinoza

    Tuesday – Feb 7, 2012

    Great program (esp. Episode 113)!

    As everyone has already stated, please let me know when Shaul Ben-Aderet’s recipes will be posted.

    Thank you.
    Chris Espinoza

  15. Beet salad looks wonderful. Any suggested brands for pomegranate syrup? I live in the U.S.

  16. Love, love, love the show!!! Par excellence!! Come to The Hamptons (the New York Hamptons!)

  17. Dixie Dugan white

    can’t wait to see the recipes, especially the two versions of Shak shouka

  18. SteveD

    Wow! Israel is one of the most interestiing “foodie” places to visit…

    This episode confirms this.

  19. mary

    let me know when SHAUL BEN-ADERET recipes
    are posted

  20. When will the Recipes from Israel episode be available?

  21. Antoniette

    Please let me know when his recipes will become available. I must have the bone marrow recipe!!!
    Thank you!!

  22. Linda McNally

    I have been thinking of the recipes all day that I saw on Cuisine Culture with Ashley James and Shaul Ben-Aderet-fantastic! I’m not a gourmet chef, but, I would LOVE to make these. Everything about this episode enthralled me–from the chefs down to the scenery–I certainly changed my mind about Israel-it’s gorgeous and green! Stuffed bones-wow! And fig honey-another wow! Thank you for making my day!

  23. Judith Fiber

    I saw your show last night on PBS and would love to have your recipes for the tuna, stuffed marrow bones, figs, buttered noodles w/b sugar, and the salad with the pistatio nuts

  24. I found the Shaul Ben-Aderet session to be exceptional. Fresh herbs, beets and bones…WOW! I can hardly wait to visit Isreal and dine! Thank you very much.

  25. Cammy Goldman

    Please let me know when Chef Shauls recipes will be published.
    Has he published a book yet? Thank you

  26. marianne pernold

    please, please send me (or where can i find it) recipe for the bone marrow stuffed with meat, marrow, parsely, and pinenuts,…yum

  27. albert hernandez

    please send me the receipe for creamed spinach and eggs. it really looks good.
    thank you,

  28. Sharon Keniston

    Oh My… I was so intense with the episode! I wanted to climb into the show with all of you. Can hardly wait for the recipes… ! Anxious to make all of them at home.

  29. Susan George

    Loved the marrow bone…..I too want the recipes from that show. Everything was so simple and soooo fresh. Thank you.

  30. Gracinda

    I saw the 2/7/2012 episode and would love to have these wonderful recipes and enjoy then with family and friends

  31. Kristen Dykhouse

    I loved this episode. Please let me know when the recipes become available!

    Thank you!

  32. cliff makins

    I just viewed the preview of the show with Shaul Ben-Aderet. It looks like it will be a wonderful cultural and food experience. Could you please send the recipes? Thank you so much.


    • admin

      Hi Cliff,
      The recipes are gonna be online today and just to let you know you can now purchase the dvd of the show by volume or season…

  33. Chuck Duzzie

    Hi there … I just happen to be passing by PBS and saw Chef Shaul and saw the beautiful beet recipe with pine nuts and fig honey …. it all look great and healthy.

  34. admin

    Hi Kathy,
    I think you are talking about the beet salad by Shaul Ben Aderet, i will try to put them online today.
    Also just to let you know, you can purchase the dvd of the show, even by episode if you like,

  35. Katherine Zinegyi

    Are there substitutes in Montreal, Canada for the following:
    St. Maure cheese in the Fresh Beet Salad
    and Caciocavallo cheese in the Shakshuka.
    Please advise what cheeses I can use in these 2 recipees.
    And can I please have the recipee for the Shakshuka with tomato sauce.Thank you.

  36. Martin

    This episode was one of the BEST!

  37. michele markus

    Brilliant recipes by brilliant chefs

  38. Can I please have the recipes for the shakshuka and stuffed bone marrow? They both look
    Very delicious.

    Shulamis Benjamin

  39. Episode 113 inspired me to seek out the chef’s very impressive work. I will be a devoted follower of the show from now on.

  40. Tom Caldwell

    I watched the Shakshuka being prepared just before I was going to make breakfast. I did not attempt it immediately but I want to try it soon. I understand sharp cheddar will serve as a sub for the caciocavallo. Bon Appetit and Shalom to Chef Shaul Ben-Aderet!!!

  41. I loved the show, but I missed hearing about some of the ingredients. The joining of the two cultures in friendship for tourism is wonderful. I hope you will allow more than one recipe to be furnished.

  42. Carole

    Great recipes loved the show!

  43. Yaji

    I will like to watch all 4 recipes from chef Shaul Ben-Aderet.
    I am anxious to try it at home

    Thank you

  44. Emily Greene

    Totally love the show — envy you your job –

  45. KFD55

    I missed the Fresh Beet Salad on the episode I watch. I would love to watch that on your website. Wonderful shows.