Supreme de Volaille de Bresse - Cuisine Culture

Supreme de Volaille de Bresse

4 servings
Total time: 1h10min
Cooking Time: 15min

2 Bresse Chicken
4 Slices of Foie Gras (30g each)
50g of Ghee
25g of Flour
1 Egg
Fresh Mie de Pain (inside of bread loaf)
Salt, Pepper

For the sauce:
The Ground Chicken Carcasses
1 Onion
1 Carrot
2 Tomatoes
1 Bouquet garni
25cl of Sylvaner
1 Glass of Porto
1 cup of thick Crème fraîche
100g of Butter


Step 1 Detach the chicken breast, remove the skin. With a small knife, split the supreme and
insert the Foie Gras slices. Close it up, season it with Salt and Pepper. Flour them then
dip them in the beaten egg and the fresh Mie de Pain.
Step 2 Wash and peel the vegetables. Prepare the chicken carcass stock. In a saucepot, brown
the bones together with the carrot, onion, tomatoes (all thinly-sliced) and the bouquet
garni. Wet with the Sylvaner and water to the tip of the carcass. Let it simmer for an
Step 3 Pass the stock through a chinoise, and pour into a frying pan. Add the glass of Porto
and the crème and let it reduce to half. Then add the cold diced butter while stirring.
Then season it as you like.
Step 4 Cook the supreme in a pan with the ghee. Brown the two sides. The flesh needs to stay
very soft. Put the supreme in a plate, then pour the sauce around it. Serve with a 'Gratin de nouilles aux truffes'.