Langoustines - Cuisine Culture


Espelette pepper roasted Langoustines,
crunchy Calf’s brain with Arugula leaves

6 servings

2 kg / about 20     Langoustines 8/12
15 cl                     Olive Oil
0.004 kg                Espelette Pepper
0.750 kg                Calf’s brain
0.120 kg                Yellow Onion
1 bulb                     Garlic
0.180 kg                Carrot
1 pinch                   Dried Cloves/Black pepper
1 pinch                  Bouquet garni
0.060 kg               Coarse Mustard
0.220 kg               shallot
¼ btte                   Chervil/Chive/Flat leave parsley
pm                        Xeres vinegar
¼ L                       Veal broth (1/2 glaces)
0.050 kg               Garlic
0.100 kg               Cream
0.100 kg               Thin bread crumbs
2                            Egg
0.250 kg                Arugula

Step 1 Peel the langoustines and store them in a cool place. Step 2 Boil the calf’s brain in a well seasoned stock, drain and when it cools off, dice it. Step 3 Sweat the thinly chiseled shallots with olive oil, add the calf's brain, the vinegar, the mustard, the broth, season to your liking and then add the thinly chiseled herbs just before removing the whole mixture to avoid burning it. Step 4 Mold the calf’s brain into half spheres. Step 5 Put two half spheres together and pan fry it English-style (put the sphere on flour, then dip the sphere in eggs then put the bread crumb on it, then fry). Store it in a cool place. Step 6 Mix in a blender the arugula, the olive oil and some ice. Put it in a pipette. Step 7 Peel the garlic, blanch it twice and cool it down. Then candy it with cream and mix until foamy. (Crème d’ail) Step 8 Roast the langoustines with Olive oil and Espelette pepper. Step 9 Fry the calf’s brain with oil or ghee (170 °c). Put it on kitchen paper. Step 10 Decorate each plate with three circles with the reduced broth with crème d’ail and a fried sphere in each circle. Step 11 Draw three lines with the pistou sauce, Arugula, put the langoustines at the end of each lines with the arugula leaves.