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Turkish Sting


Sugared Apricots
1 kg apricots
180 g honey
160 g sugar
1 vanilla stick halved lengthwise
2 vacuum bags

Crispy Kadaif
400 g kadaif “hair”

Mascarpone Cream
200 g Mascarpone cheese
280 g whipping cream
80 g caster sugar
15 g fleur d’oranger (orange flower water)

Honey Syrup
100 g honey
100 g water
100 g sugar

Chopped roasted pistachios

Preparation Method

Sugared Apricots Cut each apricot into six slices and divide slices equally into two vacuum bags.
Place half of the honey, sugar and cinnamon stick into each bag and close each bag with a vacuum
sealer with a pressure of 45.
Cook the fruit in boiling water until slightly soft and when ready quickly transfer the bags to iced water to halt the cooking process. Keep fruit in the bags until you need it.
Crispy Kadaif Spread the “hairs” on a baking sheet. Bake for 8-10 minutes at 190°C. until they turn golden brown. Mascarpone Cream Beat all ingredients together in a mixer until thick and smooth. Honey Syrup Cook all the ingredients together in a tall pot at 180°. Serve Place a cake ring on a serving platter.
Line the bottom of the ring with half of the baked kadaif “hairs”.
Strain the apricots and arrange them with their backs to the side of the ring. Fill the ring up to 1 cm below the top with the mascarpone cream. Remove the ring and cover the cream with the remaining kadaif “hairs”. Using a spoon, dribble the syrup over the kadaif and sprinkle the pistachios on the top.