Raspberry Vacherin - Cuisine Culture

Raspberry Vacherin


French Meringue:
300 Grams of Egg white
300 Grams Sugar
300 Grams Icing Sugar

Raspberry Compote:
2 Kg of Raspberries or broken
20 Grams Agar-Agar
100 Grams Sugar
20 Sheets of Gelatin

Raspberry Sorbet:
4 Kg of Raspberry puree
240 Grams Sugar
24 Grams of Stabilizer

Vanilla Ice Cream:
2 L Milk
2 L Cream
32 Eggs Yolks
600 Grams Sugar
12 Vanilla beans

Raspberry Juice:
2 Kg Raspberry
150 Grams Sugar
150 Grams Water

Raspberry Foam:
3 Kg Raspberry puree
1 L Raspberry juice
30 Grams Sugar
30 Grams Lecithin
30 Grams Sucro
Fresh Raspberries


Step 1 Beat the egg whites, tighten them with the sugar then add the icing sugar. Spread in cane movement sets of 6 cm
and 3mm thick, and poaching, with a sleeve pocket and smooth, small balls. Put a baking at 80 degrees for about
3 hours.
Step 2 Heat raspberries, mix if necessary, add the sugar and agar-agar mixed together, mix and bring to a boil
and add the gelatin, previously softened in cold water. Plates in two frames 40by60 cm, 12 hours and then cooled in
cane & Tallier of 6cm.Mix sugar and stabilizer, and add to the raspberry puree and heated to 85 degrees, clear and mature 24 hours. Turbine.
Step 3 Scrape the Vanilla, add the milk and cream and boil. Blanch the egg yolks with the sugar, pour in the boiling liquid and
heat to 85 degrees for 3 minutes, pass through a chinois, and remove and let rest for 24 hours, then maker.
Step 4 Put in a bowl, shoot well, put on a boiling water bath, let 'cook' for 2 hours, then pass through a chinois.


Step 1 In a cocktail glass place a few fresh raspberries, a scoop of raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream, sprinkle with
balls of meringue.
Step 2 A deposit on a plate of stewed duck raspberry meringue over a cane, a scoop of raspberry sorbet and vanilla
ice cream, place the dumplings on a cane and decorate meringue with 3 fresh raspberries.
Step 3 In a sauce boat from a tickle mix the sauce, pour the juice in the gravy boat and the foam, make a table on the cube in
the glass and Vacherin.