Flavors from the Sea - Cuisine Culture

Flavors from the Sea

For 6 diners

Shrimp Roll
600 g peeled crystal shrimps

3 lobsters
24 langoustines

Fork-Pureed Purple Potatoes
500 g purple potatoes
Olive oil
Ground black pepper

Vegetable Nibbles
18 green asparagus spears
400 g garden peas
Olive oil
Ground white pepper

Green Herb Jelly/Coulis
2 bunch of spring onions (green parts only)
10 basil leaves
2 sprigs tarragon
15 mint leaves
Bunch of parsley
6 g gellan gum

White Wine Froth
600 ml Pino Grigio wine
400 ml whipping cream
400 ml fish stock
50 g sliced shallots
5 g sucro

Fragrant garden peas
A small tray of small pansies


Shrimp Roll Halve the clean shrimp lengthways and divide into 6 groups of 100 g each.
Stretch plastic wrap on the work surface and place the 100 g shrimp side by side along
the length of the wrap. Sprinkle shrimp with salt and white pepper, roll in the wrap
and secure both ends well. Place rolls on a perforated tray and place the tray in a
steam oven or steaming pot for six minutes. Cool in iced water for ten minutes and dry
rolls with a towel. Using a scissors, carefully remove the wrap and place the shrimp
rolls on a tray ready to be warmed when served.
Crustacea Lobster – blanch the lobsters in salted boiling water for six minutes each and cool in
iced water. Separate the claws and peel them with the help of lobster shears. Slice the
tail with the shell into four medallions and place them on a tray together with the
limbs with the claws to be warmed before served
Langoustine – separate the tail from the head and thorax (which may be kept for
making stock). Peel the tails carefully until all the meat is extracted intact. Using a
curved shaping knife or a small lobster scissors, remove the langoustine’s gut (the
black/brown thread).

Fork-Pureed Purple Potatoes Heat the oven to 180°C and bake potatoes for 35 minutes. Leave them to cool a bit and
peel with a curved shaping knife. Mash the potatoes lightly with a fork to obtain a
puree that is coarse and purple.

Vegetables Nibbles Garden peas – remove peas from the pods and blanch in boiling water for 3 minutes.
Cool in iced water and place on a tray.
Asparagus – peel along two-thirds of the length of the asparagus and blanch in salted
water for 2 minutes. Cool in iced water and cut each stick into three equal parts. Using
a curved knife, shave all smooth ends into a point. Place on the tray.
Green Herb Jelly & Coulis Blend herbs in salted boiling water for 4 minutes and cool in iced water.
Place blanched herbs in a Termomix or blender and mix into a smooth paste. Divide
paste into two halves. Sift one half of the paste or put it through a fine strainer to
obtain green herb coulis. Place the other half on a piece of filtration fabric and
“squeeze” to obtain green herb liquid (250 ml). Place liquid in a small pot and add the
gelatin while still cold. Bring to the boil while mixing, quickly strain the liquid finely
into a small bowl and allow to cool for 30 minutes in the refrigerator, until it hardens.

White Wine Froth Steam the shallot slices in a wide pot with a bit of olive oil. Add the white wine and fish
broth and reduce to one-third of the original amount. Add the cream and boil for
another minute. Season with salt, strain in a fine strainer and leave to cool. When cold,
whip the wine sauce with sucro, boil and cool the mixture, and place in a small tall pot
ahead of serving.
Serve Individual Plate Servings
Set out six individual plates and grate some green herb jelly with a microplane or fine
grater on each plate.
Heat a bit of butter and some olive oil in grilling pan. Grill the langoustines on their
backs for one minute, turn gently and grill the other side for another minute. Place on
absorbent paper.
Place the lobster, shrimp and vegetables in a steaming pot or steam oven for three
minutes and warm the fork puree in a small pot. Place one shrimp roll on the upper
part of the plate and a strip of purple puree in the center. Place a lobster claw and two
tail medallions on the puree, and four langoustines underneath, at the bottom. Divide
the vegetables equally among the plates. Warm the wine froth slightly and add 3
tablespoons of green herb coulis. Beat with a hand beater and garnish each plate with
some of the green froth. Lastly, season the micro-peas with olive oil, salt and lemon.
Cover the shrimp roll with the peas and garnish with pansies.